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About Us

Sophistication and quality above all.

Agrosavana was formed in the middle of the year 2000 and its main focus was the development of Brazilian Sheep raising. Arising as an agribusiness, involved in all the links of the production chain, helped SAVANA to acquire a distinguished expertise. In 2006 SAVANA Carne de Cordeiros was created with the purpose of marketing its production and integrated products. With a line of Premium products and different cuts it rapidly won the Brazilian High Gastronomy market. And to serve these highly demanding consumers who would like to have access to this line of gourmet products SAVANA launched in 2008 a line of Premium Sheep and Seasoned Premium totally directed to the retail market.

In January of 2009 Grupo SAVANA acquired Nova Alimentos, a company dedicated to retail market and Food Service, aggregating a mix of products directed to High Gastronomy.

With the increase of it range of products SAVANA was renamed to SAVANA FOOD.

This synergy strengthened even more our understanding of the needs of retail market and Food Service. Today we dedicate ourselves to serving and understanding our customers in a quick, efficient, modern way, seeking to satisfy them in a unique approach, thus establishing a great connection of trust and partnership.

In order to meet a wide range of needs from our customers, besides producing a sophisticated line of controlled cuts with the brand SAVANA, we also work as a distributor of the most prestigious frigorific, fresh meat, fish, sausages and superfrozen vegetables industries.