Food Service

Quality of the Products

We understand our customers look forward to handy products with flavor, great appearance, little loss, certificate of origin and that make for excellent final results. Therefore, we only manufacture and market products of High, Premium and Super Premium Quality.


Our products arrive fast and at the desired time to our customers. We have a computerized system to control our deliveries and a fleet of new, refrigerated vehicles, with trained drivers and co-drivers wearing uniforms. This results in deliveries under ideal temperature and hygiene conditions, without any torn or battered boxes. All this process is constantly audited. The customer does not need to worry about whether his establishment is inside shopping centers, downtown or in places where access and timetables are restricted. We are prepared to meet demand wherever it may be.


Our external and internal teams are prepared to provide differential support. We aim at understanding the particularities of each customer and try to suggest the best solutions in each case, besides introducing our novelties and new products in the market, of course. All the members of the team have direct communication with the company, from where they can inform the customer, in real time, the stock, the price, among other information.

Packages in different sizes

We understand that nowadays the storage space is more and more scarce and expensive. Therefore our products come in smaller packages. You buy smaller amounts on a more frequent basis, that way your need of space and capital is reduced.


Our industry, located in Butantã, west zone of São Paulo, is inspected by SIF – Serviço de Inspeção Federal (Federal Inspection Service) and has the most modern equipment to cut, portion, pack, freeze and store, in addition to highly skilled workers. Our customer knows where our products come from.

Quality control

Besides the SIF inspection, we have our own quality control staff that uses the most modern tools to assure the products manufactured or distributed by Savana Food have the highest quality level. This means products are 100% safe, produced, stored and transported under strict control.

High Standard and Constancy in Supplying

Due to our own production and strategic partnerships with a large number of national and international suppliers, Savana Food can have consistency in the supplying of all our products during all the year.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service, via e-mail or phone (11)3467-5200, is always prepared to receive suggestions, complaints and consultations so that we can offer appropriate solutions to each kind of demand from our customers.